Because the world kind of sucks.

Are you, like me, a privileged white person looking for something you can do to make a difference? Are you, like me, a Karen, looking for a way to make amends for all the idiot Karens out there?

I won’t say “look no further”. In face, look further. Look much further. But here’s a place to start. There is a LOT to consume, and with that in mind, I recommend picking a few things you can honestly commit to doing, and then building from there. As for me, I will commit to donating money to BLM, every other book I read will be from an anti-racism reading list for at least the next year or 12 books (whichever comes last) and I will actively look for POC-owned businesses to support.

This is a small list to start – I will keep updating it as I find more.

Anti-racism resources

Vancouver Resources & businesses to support

A White Woman’s Guide

A White Guyde

Resources supporting BLM

Heartbreaking videos you need to watch

  • How to teach your children how not to be murdered by the police:

  • Trevor Noah’s moving message:


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2 Responses to Because the world kind of sucks.

  1. Glenda MacFarlane says:

    Thank you for this! Very helpful. Will post on Facebook!

  2. Erin Crisfield says:

    Lots of great resources here Risa!

    Here are a couple of podcast episodes that I recommend:
    Nerdette podcast: Books to Read Right Now, What Can I Do? (2 episodes)
    NPR Pop Culture Happy Hour: The Limitations of an Anti-Racist Reading List (same guest as on Nerdette but a good discussion).

    Support non-white businesses and creators:
    N.K. Jemison’s fantasy novels (and read her About statement as well):

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