Haters GOTta Hate

Instead of a book review, I thought I’d write a post about what’s been stealing my time the past 6 weeks. Whether you watch the  show or not, you’ve probably figured out by now that Game of Thrones ended its series run last Sunday and  fans were STRONGLY divided between 1’s and 10’s (I’m a 10).  What fans agreed on, however, was their belief that the show failed to answer a zillion open questions. A “zillion” is some number between 7 and 50. Just to put the matter to rest (in my head), I offer this answer guide to the burning (ha!) questions left behind by GOT.

In the usual manner of these sorts of things, what follows are












Why is there still a Night’s Watch?

There is no Night’s Watch. Did you see any Night Watchmen? No, you did not. This was just a cover story to satisfy the Unsullied in order to keep Jon from being executed. He was “exiled” to the wall where he reunited with his Wildling friends (and Ghost!) and  went north to live happily ever after. What more could you want for him, really?? Be warned, however, my prediction is that he will probably die in the books because this story line doesn’t service anyone but the fans. Also, after murdering their precious psycho-queen, the Unsullied would most likely have killed him immediately.

Who was the person with green eyes, predicted by Melisendres, to be killed by Arya?

Settle down, Cersei-hopefuls, this is easy – it was Littlefinger. He is described in the books as having “laughing gray-green eyes like a cat”. Brown eyes – Walder Frey. Green  eyes – Littlefinger. Blue eyes- Night King. In  that order.

Why didn’t Drogon burn Jon after he stabbed his mom to death?

People! Jon is a TARGARYEN. He CAN’T BE KILLED BY FIRE! Remember Daenerys? Remember the Night King? (the Night King is a Targaryen, and you won’t convince me otherwise). So it was either burn  Jon and have him walked naked out of the flames (my personal vote) or just take out the throne and set up the whole endgame.

Why did Drogon melt the Iron Throne?

Look, even in the books we don’t get chapters from the Dragons’ perspectives, so we can never know this. Unless Bran warged into Drogon to burned the throne and pave the way to his ascendancy to King of the 6 Kingdo … wait a second …

Why did Jon tell everyone that he killed Dany?

Let’s not forget, Jon has been honest and ethical to be huge fault. He triggered Cersei’s betrayal by refusing to pretend he wouldn’t side with anyone until after the zombie war and admitted he had already bent the knee to Daenerys, he told Dany the truth about his parentage (a huge mistake), and then he told his family about his parentage. It goes on and on. This is why Tyrion never told him the Night’s Watch exile was just a scam to get the Unsullied to let him go. He’d have been all “hey, Grey worm, they’re pulling your leg, I’m actually running off to live with the Wildlings”. 

Who was the Prince Who Was Promised?

It was probably Jon. This post explains it way better than  I ever could.

Was Daenerys pregnant?

No, no, no, she is barren. Have you even been  watching the same show? Plus, they were already at their maximum of pregnant women they could kill off.

What was the point of the white horse?

Actually, I’m on board with this one. What WAS the point of that?

There are many other questions out there, but most of them are either too obvious (you just need to be paying attention) or they are terribly obscure factoids pulled from the depths of the books, and answers will only be forthcoming in future books.

I was not unhappy with the finale. I’m interested in how GRRM ends things in the books, since at least one of the people at the end of the show is already dead in the books (although possibly returned to life, hard to say for sure).

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  1. Notta Fan says:

    Some day I might get over my aversion to watching people being cruel and will finally watch this show…and then I will ask you all my GOT questions. Or not. Thank you for not talking about that actor’s ugly tattoo and how she must have been so incredibly prescient to know that the pack survives. Excellent post Risa….thank you.

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