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Religion, what is it good for? (More than nothing)

Religion for Athiests, Alain de Botton Way back when my niece was being baptised, the minister kindly offered to baptise my son as well, even though we were not members of his church. I politely declined due to my lack … Continue reading

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Judgement and Atmospheric Lapse

My GF and I went for a hike the other evening up the Grouse Grind, which is a trail (or more precisely, a staircase comprising a total of 2,830 stairs) that extends 2.9 kilometres almost straight up the face of … Continue reading

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The Logic of Bertrand Russell

I have decided, in a concerted effort to break into actually writing blog entries, to start by posting somewhat randomly about the day to day things that strike me as interesting or worth contemplating. My hope is that the randomness … Continue reading

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