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Sir Paul McCartney

I love music, especially songs I can sing very loudly to (in my car. by myself.) and I am good at recognizing songs I’ve heard before. I am very bad, however, at remembering song names and differently bad at knowing … Continue reading

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Brightness, Here and Now

A Brightness Long Ago, by Guy Gavriel Kay I’m not going to try to write about Guy Gavriel Kay’s new book, because his writing is SO beautiful and it intimidates me to the point of incapacity to even think about … Continue reading

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Haters GOTta Hate

Instead of a book review, I thought I’d write a post about what’s been stealing my time the past 6 weeks. Whether you watch the  show or not, you’ve probably figured out by now that Game of Thrones ended its … Continue reading

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Leave Me (the hell alone!)

Leave Me, by Gayle Forman I am wayyyyy behind in blogs. This is due to a busy time a work and to accidentally stumbling across the show Breaking Bad which I have spend a LOT of time binge-watching over the … Continue reading

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The Disappeared

The Disappeared, by Kim Echlin I didn’t love the style of writing. I’m not saying it was bad, it just wasn’t for me. The author has the narrator quote people speaking and doesn’t use quotation marks, just commas (I said, … Continue reading

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Is Essentialism Essential?

Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less, by Greg McKeown It’s official. I am hanging up my superhero cape. The essentialism lightbulb is that successful people do fewer things better. I’m not talking about success in terms of wealth or fame, … Continue reading

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A Briefer History of Time

A Briefer History of Time, Stephen Hawking This book starts, as all good physics books do, on a train. Many of the fundamental aspects of Einstein’s Theory of Relatively can be illustrated by imaging you are standing on a platform … Continue reading

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in a dark, dark wood

in a dark, dark wood, by Ruth Ware It’s past time to call this a genre – psychological thrillers with unimaginative titles involving potentially crazy women. I’m going with psycho girl thrillers. In a dark, dark wood is classic psycho girl … Continue reading

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That’s a Wrap, 2018

Well 2018 is finally over. Not soon enough, frankly. I didn’t feel great about my reading this year. I let work steal much of my personal time and let a couple of binge-able TV series take the rest. I did … Continue reading

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Nine (im)Perfect Strangers

Nine Perfect Strangers, Liane Moriarty Warning … LOTS and LOTS of MAJOR SPOILERS within! . . . Pop quiz: what two things do all of these words have in common? Funny. Intelligent. Exquisite. Powerful. Brilliant. Superb.  Answer: 1) they all appear … Continue reading

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