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Peak Performance

Peak Performance; Elevate Your Game, Avoid Burnout, and Thrive with the New Science of Success. By Brad Stulberg and Steve Magness I started this self-help book a long time ago (a long, long, loooonnnnnnng time ago in today’s world). I … Continue reading

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Humble Pi

Humble Pi, by Matt Parker Matt Parker is a ginormous* math nerd who has compiled together a collection of entertaining accounts of Math Gone Wrong. Stories of mathematical mistakes range from fuel-depleted airplanes to computer memory leaks, and for the … Continue reading

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Reminiscing about The Far Side

The Complete Far Side, by Gary Larsen The Complete Far Side was a Christmas gift from my nephew, perhaps the highest weight-to-size ratio of any gift ever! I secretly believe this was to get me back for my giving him … Continue reading

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Eifelheim Ancient Aliens

Eifelheim, by Michael Flynn (not to be confused with¬†retired United States Army Lieutenant General and convicted felon Michael Flynn) On the surface, this would seem like a book that’s right up my alley. An alien ship crash-lands in 14th century … Continue reading

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Better Late Than Never – 2019 un fait accompli

2019 was not a stellar year for reading. It was, however, a good year for learning about reading. Or, should I say, learning about not reading. Here are a few of my 2019 insights if I really want to read … Continue reading

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Procrastination Nation

My commitment to 2020 is to be more diligent with both reading and writing about reading. I have procrastinated the crap out of 2019, and in the interest of getting a fresh start, here is a quick wrap on the … Continue reading

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It’s a strange strange strange strange strange world

Strange Planet, by Nathan W Pyle After months and months of reading nothing but email (it’s a work story, I won’t bore you), I finally found my way back to books. In this case, via a gateway book called Strange … Continue reading

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Sir Paul McCartney

I love music, especially songs I can sing very loudly to (in my car. by myself.) and I am good at recognizing songs I’ve heard before. I am very bad, however, at remembering song names and differently bad at knowing … Continue reading

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Brightness, Here and Now

A Brightness Long Ago, by Guy Gavriel Kay I’m not going to try to write about Guy Gavriel Kay’s new book, because his writing is SO beautiful and it intimidates me to the point of incapacity to even think about … Continue reading

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Haters GOTta Hate

Instead of a book review, I thought I’d write a post about what’s been stealing my time the past 6 weeks. Whether you watch the¬† show or not, you’ve probably figured out by now that Game of Thrones ended its … Continue reading

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